KKK in my town?? 

Early Thursday morning I got a couple messages asking if I had heard what was going on. I live in Dahlonega Georgia, a small town where rarely anything goes on. On my way to open the restaurant I work at, I noticed a large group of people outside a building where there hung a very disturbing sign. It said “Historic Klu Klux Klan Meeting Hall”. On one side there was a confederate flag and on the other a KKK flag. There were a small group of people outside with signs saying “Not in my town” and “Love lives here”. Dahlonega is pretty well known for its tourists and quaint shops so this shocked many people. Within a couple hours news crews arrived and someone came to take the sign down. I thought everything was going to end quickly and this would be just another weird event. But I was wrong. Friday morning in the newspaper, there was an article. “The Historic Klu Klux Klan sign is going back up”. Immediately protests broke out. The owner of the building (and most of Dahlonega) signed a permit for the sign to be placed back up this morning. Although the KKK is still technically legal, it’s extremely offensive and disturbing in today’s society. As a person who only wants to spread love and peace this whole ordeal upsets me deeply. This morning I will be joining the hundreds of people filling the town square in protest that the city allows something like this to be placed. There are boycotts of all the businesses she owns (which is almost all of them) and kids were pulled from schools to march for equality. Not much goes on in this little mountain town, but when something does happen, it spreads like wildfire. I see a lot of discrimination and hate living in the south. Most of the locals are stuck in their old ways and passed on their beliefs to their children. America may be moving forward but the south is stuck and not a lot of people see what I see. I was placed here to help change the way people think and hopefully spread equality and love in the south. After this incident I would love to just move far away and escape this negative environment but until I’m called to leave, I will continue to show love to everyone in hopes of making the south a better place. 

Spread peace and love to everyone. You never know how big of an impact you can make!

Thursday morning when the sign was placed. 
Spreading love to my beautiful town
Here is the link for the petition to have this sign removed! Please help and share this and spread some love!



What do I believe? And how to create your own path to spiritual enlightenment (Day 1)

I often have people come to me for religious advice saying they don’t know what to believe. “Is there a god?” “How can all this suffering exist?” “What god do I follow to go to heaven?”

I am here to offer my point of view.

I respect all religions and was raised Christian. Although now I do not follow a specific “religion”, I am an extremely spiritual person. I don’t need a set framework to guide me through life. Instead I follow my heart, and everything I do is done in love and positivity. My path is set for me and me only and only this way I am able to learn and grow to my full potential. I still use teachings from the Bible and know that God loves unconditionally. Over time I have collected teachings and principles from other cultures and religions and applied them to my own life. Some aspects of other religions just resonate better with me than others.

For the next few months I will be posting my views on a couple controversial spiritual questions along with my normal day to day posts. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments that I can answer in the next article.

*I am not here to argue about anything. Just to spread love and peace*