What do I believe? And how to create your own path to spiritual enlightenment (Day 1)

I often have people come to me for religious advice saying they don’t know what to believe. “Is there a god?” “How can all this suffering exist?” “What god do I follow to go to heaven?”

I am here to offer my point of view.

I respect all religions and was raised Christian. Although now I do not follow a specific “religion”, I am an extremely spiritual person. I don’t need a set framework to guide me through life. Instead I follow my heart, and everything I do is done in love and positivity. My path is set for me and me only and only this way I am able to learn and grow to my full potential. I still use teachings from the Bible and know that God loves unconditionally. Over time I have collected teachings and principles from other cultures and religions and applied them to my own life. Some aspects of other religions just resonate better with me than others.

For the next few months I will be posting my views on a couple controversial spiritual questions along with my normal day to day posts. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments that I can answer in the next article.

*I am not here to argue about anything. Just to spread love and peace*