The Story of Me 

Just a short intro, starting with a backstory, I was raised in a fairly good christian home with loving parents and two amazing little sisters. As I grew older and developed a sense of who I was, I imediately wanted to change the world. Little did I know who I would become. Around the age of 9 I started listening to what is now my favorite band, The Beatles. This lead into me joining a recycling club in my school where we encouraged our classmates and staff to recycle and helped clean up litter around our town. Young me was changing the world without even knowing. Moving into highschool I strayed away from who I really was. Hardships came and passed but nothing killed my spirit. Now, living on my own, I was able to really discover myself and what my purpose is in life. Being different has set me apart and saved me from being sucked in to the flow of society, allowing me to see from the outside in. I can’t wait to see what the universe has to offer me. I’m here to share what I have learned to help others see how beautiful life can be. 
Peace my loves

Here’s a pic of me and my sassy child!


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