My Endometriosis Story

I would like to share this story with the world in hopes of finding someone with answers or some support. About 3 years ago I started experiencing some pelvic pain in my uterus and naval area. I was also getting very weak and sick. I went to visit an OBGYN and they told me I just had painful periods. But my pain wasn’t from periods. I then persisted that I get an ultrasound because I had been doing some research on my symptoms. When they gave me an ultrasound they found a very large cyst on my right ovary and said it was very complicated. The doctor proceeded to prescribe me to a birth control and told me I may have endometriosis but the only way to tell for sure would be to have exploratory surgery. Endometriosis is when the tissues that line the uterine walls,and shed and bleed every month, grow outside the uterus and throughout the body. The tissues can cause adhesions, inflammation and blood filled cysts. About a year went by with taking the BC and I really saw no changes. I changed my BC and tried again. After a while I was seeing no positive changes and I was gaining serious weight around my abdomin. I stopped taking the birth control and went back to the doctor. He recommended I take a smaller dose. After this I was getting very frustrated because he wouldn’t do the exploratory surgery I really needed. I agreed to take the lower dose and actually saw myself getting worse. Three years have passed and I still have not gotten surgery or any improvement. I started getting “attacks” of pain where I would be in extreme pain for days at a time and could not leave the bed. No amount of medication helped. No muscle relaxers, opioids, or heat packs could relieve me enough to even relax or sleep. After having an attack that lasted almost 2 weeks I went to the emergency room. They gave me an ultrasound again and said I need to see an OBGYN. Right back where I started. They gave me pain pills which I got dependent on and went through withdrawals when I ran out. I’ve quit school, lost my jobs, lost my social life, and people I cared about. The depression from the endometriosis consumes me daily. Even when I feel a little relief, I know it will be back in a few hours. I believe the disease has spread to my bladder, intestines, and rectum and possibly my lungs. I’m tired and ready to get through this. I’m only 20 years old and I can’t even take a walk without feeling sick. I hope soon doctors will realize that this disease can be very serious and debilitating. 

Here’s some fun facts about this lovely disease:

  • About 200,000 US cases per year
  • The disease is chronic and lasts a lifetime
  • 40% of women with endo are infertile. The rest may become infertile if left untreated
  • 50% of infertility cases are caused by endo 
  • It can spread through the whole pelvic cavity, lungs, skin, eyes, and brain
  • There is no known cure
  • After surgery is given, it may come back within the year 
  • There are higher risks of developing ovarian cancer 
  • On average it takes 10 years to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment of this disease

I hope I can shine some light on the severity of this disease and maybe find some support. Until then I’m going to keep fighting for my life back. 


KKK in my town?? 

Early Thursday morning I got a couple messages asking if I had heard what was going on. I live in Dahlonega Georgia, a small town where rarely anything goes on. On my way to open the restaurant I work at, I noticed a large group of people outside a building where there hung a very disturbing sign. It said “Historic Klu Klux Klan Meeting Hall”. On one side there was a confederate flag and on the other a KKK flag. There were a small group of people outside with signs saying “Not in my town” and “Love lives here”. Dahlonega is pretty well known for its tourists and quaint shops so this shocked many people. Within a couple hours news crews arrived and someone came to take the sign down. I thought everything was going to end quickly and this would be just another weird event. But I was wrong. Friday morning in the newspaper, there was an article. “The Historic Klu Klux Klan sign is going back up”. Immediately protests broke out. The owner of the building (and most of Dahlonega) signed a permit for the sign to be placed back up this morning. Although the KKK is still technically legal, it’s extremely offensive and disturbing in today’s society. As a person who only wants to spread love and peace this whole ordeal upsets me deeply. This morning I will be joining the hundreds of people filling the town square in protest that the city allows something like this to be placed. There are boycotts of all the businesses she owns (which is almost all of them) and kids were pulled from schools to march for equality. Not much goes on in this little mountain town, but when something does happen, it spreads like wildfire. I see a lot of discrimination and hate living in the south. Most of the locals are stuck in their old ways and passed on their beliefs to their children. America may be moving forward but the south is stuck and not a lot of people see what I see. I was placed here to help change the way people think and hopefully spread equality and love in the south. After this incident I would love to just move far away and escape this negative environment but until I’m called to leave, I will continue to show love to everyone in hopes of making the south a better place. 

Spread peace and love to everyone. You never know how big of an impact you can make!

Thursday morning when the sign was placed. 
Spreading love to my beautiful town
Here is the link for the petition to have this sign removed! Please help and share this and spread some love!

What do I believe? And how to create your own path to spiritual enlightenment (Day 1)

I often have people come to me for religious advice saying they don’t know what to believe. “Is there a god?” “How can all this suffering exist?” “What god do I follow to go to heaven?”

I am here to offer my point of view.

I respect all religions and was raised Christian. Although now I do not follow a specific “religion”, I am an extremely spiritual person. I don’t need a set framework to guide me through life. Instead I follow my heart, and everything I do is done in love and positivity. My path is set for me and me only and only this way I am able to learn and grow to my full potential. I still use teachings from the Bible and know that God loves unconditionally. Over time I have collected teachings and principles from other cultures and religions and applied them to my own life. Some aspects of other religions just resonate better with me than others.

For the next few months I will be posting my views on a couple controversial spiritual questions along with my normal day to day posts. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments that I can answer in the next article.

*I am not here to argue about anything. Just to spread love and peace*


I have always lived by one thing: Spread love, do no harm 

Everyone can let their ego take over from time to time. It’s what makes us human! But allowing that ego to take action can be dangerous. Most hate comes from an internal conflict or a front people put up to hide their pain. By taking down those walls and resolving your problems, you can start to see yourself becoming more and more accepting. Start by taking every day a bit slower to think about your actions and words. If you find yourself about to say something, pause for a second and think about how this will affect other people. Is what you’re going to say going to benefit anyone? Or is it going to hurt someone? Just taking a few seconds could help guide your actions to be more positive! 

Be loving and accepting of everyone. You don’t know their story


The Story of Me 

Just a short intro, starting with a backstory, I was raised in a fairly good christian home with loving parents and two amazing little sisters. As I grew older and developed a sense of who I was, I imediately wanted to change the world. Little did I know who I would become. Around the age of 9 I started listening to what is now my favorite band, The Beatles. This lead into me joining a recycling club in my school where we encouraged our classmates and staff to recycle and helped clean up litter around our town. Young me was changing the world without even knowing. Moving into highschool I strayed away from who I really was. Hardships came and passed but nothing killed my spirit. Now, living on my own, I was able to really discover myself and what my purpose is in life. Being different has set me apart and saved me from being sucked in to the flow of society, allowing me to see from the outside in. I can’t wait to see what the universe has to offer me. I’m here to share what I have learned to help others see how beautiful life can be. 
Peace my loves

Here’s a pic of me and my sassy child!